Best Speaker for Echo Dot Reviews

Best Speaker for Echo Dot Reviews
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A small portable speaker is what lots of users have set their sights recently. Not only does it generate loud sound but also helps make music more accessible in any place. If you’ve made up your mind to join the users of Amazon’s Echo Dot, this article guiding into the best speaker for echo dot is a good starting point for people being in need of expert advice or doubtful about whether their decision making is well-grounded. Here, you will clarify for yourself which tech features allow for compelling performance coupled with promising service life.

Read on to find out the most sought-after speaker models compatible with Alexa and providing access to the popular global streaming services.

Speakers for Echo Dot Reviews

JBL Xtreme

JBL Xtreme
This echo dot Bluetooth speaker is a handy device providing an exciting listening experience every time you push the power button. A wired setup relieves the user of connectivity challenges and makes it easily portable and fit to operate outdoors. The sound is characterized by enhanced clarity and richness without distortion at higher volumes. Those who are used to employing subwoofers will find it unwanted here because of the dual passive radiators boosting the bass response.

Another upside of this JBL model is splash protection which lessens the risk of water damage when you are having a vacation at the river. You won’t have it fully intact though after dropping the speaker in water, so avoid bringing it close to any source of water.

The highlight of the JBL Xtreme is the built-in noise-canceling microphone allowing you to answer calls just in the middle of playback. The device is set to work for the maximum of 15 hours. Charging is supported by a lithium-ion battery and enabled vid dual USB ports.
The JBL Xtreme can become the best speaker to use with echo dot for the buyer looking for flawless stereo sound and high performance.


  • It takes less than 2 hours for the speaker to get fully charged.
  • When used indoors, it delivers a room-filling loud sound.


  • The speaker connectivity is limited only to one additional speaker.
  • The shell is equipped only with one shoulder strap.

Marshall Kilburn

Marshall Kilburn
In search of the best echo dot speaker, you should also consider products from Marshall Amplification which is famous for well-balanced and articulated sound.

In particular, the Marshall Kilburn is a stereo speaker with extended tuning options allowing the user to find the most ideal listening position. The dome tweeters along with one 4-inch woofer add more strength to the sound without distorting its purity. The sound pressure level reaches up to 100 dB, which is more than enough to deliver earth-shaking music outside. I’ve also noticed no troubles in the low register as the built-in bass reflex system ensures the increased accuracy at lower frequencies.

The Marshall Kilburn is wirelessly connected and lets the user actively employ it outside the home. The Bluetooth option enables fast streaming of audio content from other devices, including your smartphone and laptop. The battery service life involves up to 20 hours of continuous playback, but you can prolong it by playing sound at a lower volume.

The spark of this model is a classic vintage design complemented with golden metal elements and the illustrious iconic logo. The speaker has a look of a small chic leather suitcase which makes the user more pleased with using this product.

The Marshall Kilburn most probably will be the best speaker for echo dot for that part of the audience who value the ability to adjust audio so as to match their individual preferences most precisely.


  • The battery can be easily replaced with four screws.
  • No distortion is heard even at the highest volume.
  • The cabinet is solid and firm to prevent a breakup.


  • It is quite heavy and may be difficult to carry.
  • Bluetooth may get disconnected after a while, so you will have to pair it anew each time you want to use the speaker.

Sonos Play:1

Sonos Play:1
It is a small but fairly well-performing smart wireless speaker delivering authentic and deep sound.

The setup is pretty simple and takes no more than a few minutes to start playing audio. You will hear crystal clear and loud sound that creates a large listening area. The Sonos Play:1 is compact and extremely lightweight so that you can use it as an element of your home theater as well as carry it with you when doing your morning outdoor exercise. The main advantage of this model is the multiple control options. You can navigate the playback using AirPlay 2, the Sonos app, or your voice.

The device is humidity resistant, which allows the user to have it in the bathroom without fear of damaging it. Likewise, it can be a reliable travel thing due to its firm structure and small size. The simple look makes it fit any space and décor, even more elaborated one.
If you are in search of echo dot compatible speakers to empower your home theater, two items of the Sonos Play:1 will suffice to fill your room with brilliant and true-to-life sound. This speaker is also a popular choice with users who like working with an Alexa device.


  • The manual attached provides detailed and step-by-step insight into how to install and control the speaker.
  • You can connect multiple rooms through the Sonos system and control the playback with no delay between rooms.


  • The bass response is not good enough as you may expect.
  • The Sonos app provides access only to a limited number of streaming services.

Sony XB10

Sony XB10
The Sony XB10 is another example of speakers that work with echo dot and generate flawless stereo sound.

The distinctive feature of this model is extra bass backed by a passive radiator aimed to boost the low register. Unlike other similar products, this one offers the user really amazing and rich sound that does not require a subwoofer to hear the low-end response clearly.

The speaker is user-friendly and portable thanks to the wireless connection and small dimensions. It can be hooked up to any gadget empowered with Bluetooth, so the user’s choices are indeed unbounded. The battery life is limited to 16 hours of listening at a high volume. The device is splash-proof and designed to be employed in high-humidity conditions.

In comparison with other similar products, the major upside of the Sony XB10 is a low-price point which is quite unexpected for such a globally recognized brand as Sony. The would-be buyer is allowed to pick up the speaker coloring among six variants, including both basic and vivid tones.

The Sony XB10 is most suited to listeners who intend to employ the speaker above all outdoors. With the streamlined shape and minimal design, this speaker can become an ideal match to the phone.


  • The speaker has extra detachable support to place it horizontally if needed.
  • At a medium level, the speaker can operate steadily for 2-3 days without the need of charge.
  • You won’t need a subwoofer for the stereo system.


  • There is no instruction for pairing two Sony speakers.
  • Over time, the charging outlet no longer closes tightly.

OontZ Angle 3 PLUS

OontZ Angle 3 PLUS
It is another good speaker for echo dot producing exceptionally deep and loud stereo sound with a lot of definition in mids and highs.

The built-in bass radiator is designed to generate a clearly distinct low-end response, whereas two neodymium drivers improve the audio clarity and eliminate noise and distortion. The speaker is securely protected from water, so a potential listening area covers a total of 30 ft and so involves a great variety of indoor and outdoor options, including beaches, pools, and bathrooms.

The device runs wirelessly and is compatible with phones and tablets via Bluetooth. You may also find the built-in microphone beneficial if you have a constant need of keeping in touch with people. The principal advantage over similar products is the battery durability with up to 30 hours of permanent playback.

The speaker design is pretty simple and goes only in black color, which makes it a good complement to any décor. Its small size and weight result in easy portability and usability.

The OontZ Angle 3 PLUS is an attractive high-class speaker marketed at a very low price. With regard to its extended application options, you will be able to enjoy music, movies, and gameplay more than ever.


  • It is the cheapest item on the list. You won’t find a less pricey option anywhere.
  • The cabinet is solid despite its light weight.


  • It does not have an equalizer, but you can employ instead of the one on the phone.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2
This device is aimed to create an amazing immersive listening area due to the built-in 360-degree tweeter.

The speaker incorporates versatile features typical for a standard echo dot speaker review. The Ultimate Ears is compact, which lets the user carry it everywhere. It is safely protected from water damage and highly resistant to shocks. The device is controlled via Bluetooth and accessible within 100 ft. The UE Boom app targeted only at Ultimate Ears users allow updating firmware and software as well as connecting over a hundred Ultimate Ears speakers. Listeners who seek to get room-filling and earth-shaking sound will find this option of much use.

The battery is expected to operate for 15 hours at full capacity. The cabinet is made of high-end materials which ensure enhanced durability. The simple design with no extra details makes it convenient in use and easily portable.

I’d recommend purchasing the Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 for individuals who go traveling frequently. With this speaker, you will have permanent access to music and won’t be scared of having it broken because of unexpected troubles usually arising in adventures.


  • No distortion is heard at high volumes.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • The bass response is rich enough to do without a subwoofer.


  • You should turn it on manually even after getting connected to the app.
  • It is not lightweight in spite of the small size.

Sonos Play:5

Sonos Play:5
It is another product from the Sonos brand which is famous for marketing the best speakers for echo dot worldwide.

Here, you will see more sound advantages in comparison with the Sonos Play:1. The speaker has three woofers enhancing the accuracy of low-end register, while the solid cabinet lessens vibrations and minimizes the echo problem. The device can work in horizontal and vertical positions without changing the quality of stereo sound. The speaker operates wirelessly via Wi-Fi, so you can get direct access to streaming services.

The primary benefit of the Sonos Play:5 is the user’s ability to customize the speaker using an extended set of tuning options. You can navigate the system with different apps, including the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, etc.

The listener is free to form a multiple stereo systems by combining a number of Sonos items via Wi-Fi. The setup process takes a few steps to bring it into operation and enjoy loud sound coming out of the speakers.

The product goes in black only and has a simple minimal design suited to both sexes and working with any age.

Despite the elevated price point, I’d say it fully makes it up to the buyer by delivering excellent and rich sound with clear vocals and noise-free bass.


  • It has the support for Alexa.
  • The frequency response is very extensive and contributes to increased audio accuracy.
  • The speaker is compact.


  • The price is not budget-friendly.
  • You will have to start your account with personal data to have the speaker work.
  • Once a firmware update is out, some features become unavailable, for instance, adding a new speaker.

Buyers Guide

What to think of when purchasing an echo dot speaker

An echo dot speaker has the greatest value for individuals who are in the habit of listening on-the-go. Due to its small size coupled with high-end specs, more and more teens and adults prefer it over a common speaker which offers less convenience in usage. These are the most crucial factors to consider in case you are about to make such a purchase:

  • Portability. If the speaker fits inside your hand, the size is right. Remember that you will carry it with you very often, so it should not take too much space in your bag.
  • Design. The cabinet should be made of premium materials to enable high resistance to shocks and vibrations and so prolongs the speaker life service. When it comes to the look, stick to minimal designs in either black or white colors which are unlikely to contrast your room whenever you move.
  • Wireless. None would be happy to struggle with cables each time they turn the speaker on. Avoid buying speakers with no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi support.
  • Simple settings. Pay attention to the user’s interface. You have to understand how to navigate intuitively. Check the tuning options. If you expect an increased level of customization of your speaker, the settings must be well extended to let you reach the maximum sound adjustment. Check whether the manual is attached to the product. It is always of much help once the user runs into a malfunction.
  • Audio quality. To have flawless and accurate sound, you should opt for speakers with the built-in woofers providing sound clarity. Those who cannot do without an excellent bass response should buy speakers with high-class radiators.
  • Brand. If you have an unlimited budget, it is more reasonable to select among globally recognized audio equipment manufacturers making only professional and upscale products.

The best speaker for echo dot will have all of these parameters high-level. Otherwise, you risk buying a low-quality speaker with unreliable and short-term performance.

How to connect a speaker to Echo dot?

There is nothing hard about connecting an echo dot speaker. There are two methods to achieve it.

With a standard cable

  • Plug a speaker into the Echo Dot using a 3.5mm cable, and turn the Echo Dot on. Now you have the sound coming out of the speaker.

Via Bluetooth

  • Turn the speaker on, active the pairing mode of Bluetooth.
  • Open Alexa app. Go into Echo & Alexa, and then choose Echo Dot.
  • Now click on Bluetooth Devices to open Settings.
  • At this point, you should tap on the left bottom box ‘Pair New Device’.
  • If your speaker is still in pairing mode and seen, it will get connected to Alexa.
  • Once Alexa has remembered your speaker, it will connect to it automatically next time without your need to pair it manually. You will be able to see it on the list of available devices in the Alexa app.
  • Now, you can enjoy playing any audio content by telling Alexa what you would like to listen right now.
  • If you have got enough music from the echo dot speaker, you should disconnect it by asking it of Alexa. If you want to remove the device from the Alexa list, go to the setting and choose Forget Device to make the speaker invisible for the Alexa app as it used to be.