Best Party Speakers Reviews

Best Party Speakers Reviews
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Need a good party speaker system for your home? So that the sound is clear, and the bass is powerful, and it looks beautiful? This article presents 7 loud speakers for music, for different needs and wallets.

Best party speakers reviews

#1 ION Audio Tailgater iPA77

ION Audio Tailgater iPA77
I loved this unit from the first sight. It’s fairly easy to operate, even for a non-technical person, Bluetooth setup is a breeze, and microphone included is very good quality. What makes it probably the best Bluetooth party speaker.

The device has two convenient handles on the right and left side. It has a microphone jack with volume control for the singer.

You can also connect your music media through the aux port. Karaoke CDs can be used if you have a computer or other device that plays them.

If you want sound effects like reverb, you need to add them through your connected device. It does not have them natively (but supposedly can be added through an ION phone app).

There are lots of songs with lyrics on Youtube, so Youtube can be your music and lyric source for karaoke, with no need to buy karaoke CDs. Also, a sound mixer paired with this could let you get effects and voice canceling.


  • You can use Bluetooth to stream Youtube or other media from laptop/tablet/phone/computer/Smart TV or any other Bluetooth media player, and it will play the music with separate volume control for the music.
  • Lots of ways to do karaoke.


  • Since the speaker is powerful and heavy, I’d like to see wheels on the bottom.
  • I would NOT recommend this box for a backyard of that size. Personally, I believe that this speaker works best in an enclosed environment (approx 40′ X 50′).
  • You may need to get an app to play CD+G or mp3+G format to see the lyrics.

#2 Aiwa Exos-9

Aiwa Exos-9
This pretender should be among the best tailgate speakers because it has great bass and if you were playing baseball in the outfield and this speaker was at home plate, you could hear it clearly. Can your present Bluetooth tailgate speaker do that? Not even close, I think.

This speaker surpasses every expectation I had for it and I had very high expectations. For its moderate size, it really delivers incredible sound quality! It’s not small by any means but it’s small enough to still be portable. It has a nice carry handle on the back for just moving it around, from room to room, etc.

Not too many products you can use for about 3 years and it will work great. This is one of them. The battery is STILL strong (which amazes me). Manufacturers built a speaker to last.


  • This thing just flat out sings. Thumps bass, clear highs.
  • All my initial testing was done with only one speaker and Bluetooth only. The auxiliary port is better audio quality than Bluetooth.


  • When people hear this speaker, they want one. I can’t count how many times complete strangers have come up to me at the pool and started asking the same questions- “Where did you get it?” & “How much does it cost?” So I’m just saying be prepared to repeat the story about how great this thing is over and over if you buy one.
  • Class D bi-amplification 200 watts continuous possible output, not peak as some advertise.

#3 Sony GTKXB7BC

In the box, you get the portable tailgate speaker, an infrared remote, a power cord for the speaker, and 2xAAA batteries for the remote.

I knew these party speakers with lights were big, but I thought the pictures could lie. However, this speaker is large and heavy.

LED-backlit speakers support various multi-color lighting effects: from pure white to rainbow. Synchronizing with the musical rhythm, the bass and the flicker frequency of the backlight always convey the musical mood and club atmosphere as accurately as possible. Still, everything seems pretty well protected. Now I know Sony produce definitely the best party speakers.

The built-in sensor automatically activates the two tweeters to create a stereo effect, regardless of whether the audio system is vertical or horizontal.


  • It incorporates modern technology with Bluetooth, as well as USB, and RCA for DJ boards.
  • It features lights with strobes that are adjustable and are really cool during parties.


  • Heaviness and needing power limits portability.
  • Vocals and midrange reproduction are average.
  • Lacks the ability to turn off strobe feature while also keeping other color features active isn’t available in most light presets.

#4 Rockville RPG122K

Rockville RPG122K
I call the RPG-122K the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor party for its portability and ease of setup. It’s 1/10th the size and weight of my normal rig and easily fits in the back seat of a compact car.

So it is light, portable and easy. You get one powered speaker (it has an amplifier built-in) and one satellite speaker (a hollow box with a 12″ woofer and a tweeter). There is some black 1″ polyfill sheeting in each speaker cabinet.

The electronic features are a nice addition, allowing input connection from 2 xlrs, 2 1/4″ mono jacks, and a pair of stereo RCA jacks.

If you plan on using a microphone, I would suggest you purchase a dynamic microphone separately.


  • This system is lightweight, portable and flexible.
  • It’s powerful enough for small gigs and handy for a quick PA system.
  • Additionally, the input is available from FM radio (speaker has an inbuilt FM antenna), Bluetooth, USB flash drive, & SD card. The Bluetooth connection is super easy and seems to hold the signal from my iPhone without distortion or dropouts.


  • The supplied dynamic microphone is literally a toy. It is plastic, lightweight and as simple and inexpensive as they get.
  • The wire basket dents easily, and the plastic basket screw breaks easily.
  • The cord is very thin and shorted out simply from winding it back into the position it came in. This system does not have phantom power. You’ll need to use a dynamic microphone. I’d suggest you buy one separately.


This manufacturer advertises its machines to be the best speakers for house party.

With its dimensions of 66x43x32 cm, the Soundboks 2 wireless speaker has a completely different dimension than classic Bluetooth speakers like the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, JBL Flip or Bose SoundLink. The latter are intended more to fill the hotel room with a sound or a small party in the backyard of the country house.

Soundboks 2 makes sense to use completely for other purposes: the battery life is more than 40 hours (at a volume sufficient for parties), the volume at an extreme 122 dB, as well as a dusty and waterproof construction made of wood and aluminum – all this provides Wonderful impressions of the speaker in the first place at music festivals and large parties in the open air with a good hundred guests.

Thanks to the AUX and Bluetooth interfaces, virtually all smartphones, laptops and tablets can connect to this column. A replaceable battery can be recharged with a pleasant speed in just 3.5 hours. With 15 kilograms of weight, the device is not easy, but due to the presence of two side handles, it is convenient to carry it. However, it seems to us that it would be better if the developers supplied their offspring with roller wheels, and then it would be possible to overcome longer distances with it.


  • Lighter than I expected it to be.
  • Extremely loud and clear sound.
  • Secure Bluetooth with no one being able to kick you off. Once you’re locked in and playing, it becomes invisible. There is no memory or auto-connect.


  • If you look at the details of the assembly, mine had the screws assembled misaligned.
  • The battery I received was faulty but still functional. There was a rattling noise as if there were loose pieces inside. I contacted customer service, and they replaced my battery quickly. They responded with the highest level of professionalism and friendliness. It took about two weeks for me to receive a replacement battery after inspection.

#6 Tribit BTS20

Tribit BTS20
With crystal highs, crisp mids and rich bass, XSound Go create an immersive listening experience unlike any other. State of the art bass radiators and dual 6W power drivers deliver shocking sound without distortion even at maximum volume.

Pool parties? Definitely. Lounging on the beach? Absolutely. Singing in the shower? You bet! This waterproof speaker is perfect for all sorts of summer fun.
Tribit XSound Go is as stylish as they come. Curved edges and a matte finish offer a modern touch, the compact design maximizes portability. Toss it in a backpack, stick in your purse, or carry it around with the attached strap.

Don’t let cords tie you down. Premium Bluetooth 4.2 technology effortlessly connects to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 66ft range. Press and hold the multifunction button to access the voice input for Siri and Google Now.

These Tribit XSound Go series are the most appropriate outdoor party speakers for the price and size.

If you’re looking for nice and affordable party speakers with bass, this is the one to go with!


  • Sleek design with easy to use buttons.
  • Excellent, crisp sound with a solid bass.
  • Great range, portability, and battery life.


  • Sometimes lags when the music is played with video.
  • The Anker Speaker is rugged, surrounded by a thick Rubber skin. The Tribit has no such protection. I believe the Anker would survive a fall from 4 or 5 feet. I don’t think the Tribit would.


I’ve had these definitely the best tailgate speakers for a few months now, and they’re pretty awesome.

Key features, besides all the outstanding accessories that you get with this purchase, are the Bluetooth, USB/SD card reader, and FM radio functionality. There is also an LCD display that helps you see what you are doing. There is also a wireless remote that helps you control the party or switch modes from across the room.

The ability to connect the active and passive speakers together is wonderful as it creates a surround sound experience for those in attendance. The built-in LED lights can also offer great entertainment in the form of a light show utilizing 4 vibrant colors options.


  • The microphone works well and is a nice addition. You never think you’d need a microphone until you actually need one, so I’m glad it came with one.
  • Setup was a breeze, and all cables that were needed were in the package.


  • For some reason, they sometimes take a little while to warm up when connecting to Bluetooth. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the Bluetooth or the speakers themselves, but it only lasts for maybe 5 minutes and then with a bit of fidgeting and turning them on and off, they work perfectly.
  • The only thing weird is that the RCA plugs have both an input and output on the back and they both work as an input.

Buyers Guide

How to make portable speakers louder

Speakers – one of the most important thing for a great party. Most often, they are connected by Bluetooth to various devices – in this way it is convenient not only to listen to music but also to watch movies or TV shows with the whole family.

But sometimes after the acquisition of new speakers, the user remains dissatisfied with the result – the sound is amplified very badly, the soundtracks are played back quietly, so there is a need to either change the machine or try to make the sound louder on your own. What is needed for this, and what methods exist?

There are several ways to help such speakers sound louder. First of all, you need to make a permutation in the room – if the speakers are somewhere in the corner, and there is also a large amount of furniture nearby, then you should not expect a significant increase in volume.

You can also upholster the hull with sound-absorbing material and reinforce the structure. No matter how strange it may sound, but such upholstery allows you to achieve a more satisfactory result. If you want to achieve even more significant changes, you can make such technical work as replacing the wires on the amplifying part of the acoustics. But such a repair will be possible only for those who are at least a little versed in the device of the unit.

You can increase the volume with the help of some simple manipulations in the laptop or computer itself. For example, to download a special program that will enhance the sound in your speakers several times – this is useful when the volume is already turned up to the maximum, and the desired level is still not reached.

Download the Sound Booster program from the official site to your computer. With it, the sound can be increased several times – some users claim that the speakers began to sound louder at least five times.

After the download and installation are complete, you can test the application. The bottom line is that you should have an extra volume control icon. Thus, even if the usual button or slider is already turned up to the maximum, you can easily add sound here.

With this amplifier, you can’t stop thinking about buying new speakers and start enjoying all the audio tracks with the desired volume.

There are also several methods by which you can improve the quality of the reproduced sound. This is especially important when listening to music because poor-quality speakers can spoil the whole impression of a new song by your favorite artist. To avoid such trouble, you can try the following ways to improve.

For example, replace the internal wiring to a better one, if you think you can cope with this repair.

In the case of constant ringing and a large number of high frequencies, you can put a mat in the center of the room or any other coating that can absorb unwanted noise. In addition, it is recommended to place the speakers as far as possible from the source of the signal.

Another useful action will be the constant maintenance of the purity of all elements of the device. The accumulated dirt can have a very negative effect on the quality of the speakers. Try also to remove soft grills from them – but this should be done only when there is confidence that they will not be exposed to dangerous environmental influences.

What to look for in party speakers?

For the party purpose, it is important to choose powerful speakers that, even at maximum volume, are capable of producing a clear sound. The main parameters for selection are:

  • Power: up to 250 watts, but the higher, the better. After all, music is of paramount importance for a party.
  • Frequency range: up to 22000 Hz. Believe me. Everyone will be happy if the sound is clear and of high quality.
  • Battery life is important in case it is an open-air party. In this case, the parameter should be from 8 to 24 hours.
  • Additional options may include an equalizer to adjust additional effects, a wireless connection, or the use of multiple speakers simultaneously.

At the same time, Speakers for home use should be powerful, produce a good, clear sound and at the same time have a nice design. Compact size and battery life, in this case, are less important.

During the selection, consider the following:

  • Power: in the range of 5-20 watts. – optimal solution. Too loud sound for home use is not needed, but at the same time even at maximum volume, the sound will be clear.
  • Frequency range: 70-21000 Hz. Even for watching a movie or listening to music, the sound quality should be no lower than average.
  • Period of autonomous work: not important, because at any time the column can be connected to the mains.

The presence of Bluetooth will greatly facilitate the connection of acoustics with other devices.