Best record cleaner reviews

Best record cleaner reviews
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If you are in love with vinyl and you have a little money, the only optimal opportunity for the proper cleaning of all the noises of your favorite music records is a special record cleaner machine.

So what is a vinyl cleaner? It is a system that provides and uses a lot of different methods to clear your music tracks from various dirt and noise. The best record cleaning machine only uses a high quality cleaning fluid that does not compromise the recording.

Manual cleaning is performed around your plate and removes some of the noise, however, it’s always possible that manual cleaning completely does not remove all the noise. How effective is manual cleaning depends on you and on the chosen method of manual cleaning. However, some manual cleaning methods threaten to damage the vinyl disc itself. In particular, this relates to a method that uses an element of purification of alcohol. The record cleaner machine provides quick removal of various noise and writes damage, completely removing them from the recording, and at the same time doing it gently and without damage to the music itself.

It’s worth knowing. The record cleaners machine can not clear large scratches or dents from your drive. When buying a record cleaner machine, always keep a sense of realism about your capabilities and what you would like to get. However, when purchasing, you will definitely begin the process of improving the quality of sound. This provides quick and effective removal of dirt and dust.

It’s worth considering that there are different price segments of RCM, some of which are inexpensive, but their range of actions is small, but there are more expensive models that, accordingly, more efficiently perform cleaning work. In fact, there are also another methods to clean your vinyl. Check out this review to pick the best record cleaner for your vinyl collection!

Best record cleaners review

Many are interested in one question, if everything is so good, then what are the disadvantages of using the record cleaner machine. One of the main disadvantages of using such a system for cleaning is its price. However, if you are a fan seriously about quality vinyl records, collect a large collection or often buy a lot of used vinyl, one of the patterns in the record cleaner machine is one of the best ways to clear your compositions that you can do. The best vinyl cleaner performs a good job of cleaning the dirt from vinyl.

Record Cleaning Kits

#1 SPIN-CLEAN – Best Vinyl Washer Kit

Thanks to the modern, patented design of this system, you will increase the quality of each of your equipment and will unequivocally improve the quality of your vinyl record collection.
There are many systems that carry out the purification process, but this process, for many purification systems, is not able to remove all dust, dirt from its grooves. However, Spin-Clean Record Wash provides you with the ability to quickly, efficiently and deeply clean both sides of your vinyl plastic at the same time and deliver high, effective results.

This cleaning machine has been on the market for many years and has enjoyed great popularity and today remains and continues to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cleaning machines.

This system provides users with a guarantee throughout the use period; The warranty does not include items such as brushes and liquids, due to the fact that the brushes have the ability to wear out and the liquid to be used. The entire set of accessories for the Spin-Clean device can be obtained from authorized retailers in official stores, and you will receive full technical and customer support for each problem that may occur during use.


  • Does not leave any dirt.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Improves recording quality while eliminating dirt and debris.
  • No power or any other power source is required for use.
  • Does not contain soaps, harmful chemical solutions.


  • High noise when working.

#2 Vinyl Styl Deep Groove is the best multifunction Record Washer System

Vinyl Styl Deep Groove
There are a large number of environmental factors that can minimize and reduce the sound quality, respectively, after which your pleasure in listening to vinyl will decrease. In certain cases, such factors may not only reduce the sound quality, but also damage your vinyl, your amplifier, or your speakers.

The Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer system was designed to maximize the cleaning of all deep grooves by combining soft and natural brushes that are specially designed to maximize cleaning effect.

After using Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer, your recordings will give you the ultimate in the enjoyment of high-quality sound. With the necessary and regular care and impressive maintenance, they can be used for many years. The whole system is properly designed, with a modern design, and it can perfectly be located next to your vinyl recorder and your personal collection of records.


  • Deep purification with a reservoir with a lid.
  • Dryer.
  • Clamp designed to protect labels.
  • Special 45 RPM adapter.
  • Cleaning fluid that can be used repeatedly.
  • Special liquid for filter.
  • Operating manual.


  • Some materials are not good quality.
  • High price.

#3 Record Friend – Well Built Cleaning System with Rack Stand

When looking for the best vinyl cleaner, pay attention to this record cleaning kit that is designed to handle 7”, 10”, and 12” records. It’s a manual system with a drying rack to hold 10 LPs that’s not typical for the similar cleaners.

Ergonomic design allows stacking the washer basin and drying rack into each other to store the system away without taking up too much space. Besides, the unit has a lid to cover the basin when it’s not in the use.

This vinyl record cleaner is able both to clean the records and help with static buildup. However, this relates to new albums. When dealing with older LPs, Record Friend handles surface staining but it can hardly remove dust and dirt out of deep grooves of the record.

The kit comes with 2 150 ml bottle of cleaner, a velvet pad, brushes for an LP and for a stylus, as well as an extra drying cloth.
It’s hard to rotate thick records. For example, when pulling them out, the thick records are dragging brushes down with them. Anyway, when the cleaning is over, the sound quality becomes much better.


  • Original brushes for replacement are available.
  • No alcohol in the solution
  • Illuminates crackle and other distorting sounds
  • High-quality brushes and soft pad.
  • 1 cloth is enough for 10-12 records.
  • It holds the LPs nicely.


  • Doesn’t eliminate static.
  • One of the brushes is hard to remove.

Record Cleaning Brushes

#4 Vinyl Buddy – Optimal Vinyl Record Cleaner

Vinyl Buddy - Optimal Vinyl Record Cleaner
Vinyl Buddy specially provides the attraction of garbage inside from the depth, providing a so-called glue effect. The complete cleaning of the vinyl disc occurs in just a few turns, and thus you completely return your vinyl to the best conditions for playing soundtracks.

Before use, it is advisable to wash the roller carefully under water, as the roller is used to remove any dirt, after which the tool is ready for the next cleaning session!

Vinyl Buddy is a rather gentle tool, so it provides safe cleaning, it will never damage your records. One can reject the idea that Vinyl Buddy can leave dirt and garbage that can be left on your records after cleaning since the very cleaning process is quite thorough.

Vinyl Buddy uses the latest innovations on the device market: traditional cleaning techniques, such as microfiber or velvet cleaning pens, have only smeared dirt around the recording, instead of effective cleaning. Vinyl Buddy does not erode dirt but collects and removes all debris, making the cleaning session effective and productive. Vinyl Buddy is effective for the rapid removal of surface debris along with dirt, which is deeply in the grooves of vinyl.


  • Two-way quick dust removal.
  • Automatically uses a safe cleaning liquid and contains an adjustable speed.
  • High vacuum with high power, which is able to quickly remove garbage.


  • The price can vary greatly depending on the store.
  • Enough volume when using.
  • Some users point out that they are not effective in collecting dust.

#5 Vinyl Vac 33 – The Best Vinyl Record Vacuum Wand from overall

Vinyl Vac 33 - The Best Vinyl Record Vacuum Wand from overall
One way to quickly remove all the volume of dirt and noise that falls into the vinyl grooves, this method is to remove the vacuum. Vinyl Vac 33 quickly and does the same thing as expensive and premium machines, but the price of this tool is extremely low.

Vinyl Vac 33 will quickly and efficiently remove all volumes of vinyl grooves. To do this, just apply a special cleaning solution, and then start using Vinyl Vac 33 to remove the entire amount of dirt for high-quality sound without noise. The soft velvet is located around the entrance to protect the vinyl during your work and take away the entire amount of dirt from the grooves. Contains a pair of replacement pads, a special ring, the purpose of which is to create a dense match between your vacuum hose and vinyl vacuum. Also, the kit includes two gearboxes, which provide precise adjustment of the intensity of the work to eliminate dirt.


  • Fully secure and easy to use.
  • Fast spot removal.
  • Contains a storage box and a washing liquid.
  • Exclusive microfiber.
  • The liquid itself is completely safe and quickly removes dirt and dust stains from the surface of the vinyl record.
  • High scratch resistance.


  • Not a high-quality pen.
  • Some materials of poor quality.
  • Not a modern design.

#6 Collector Protector with Vinyl Record Spray Cleaner

Collector Protector with Vinyl Record Spray Cleaner
This product is a modern anti-static vinyl effective and fast cleaner. To use, you must first brush the cleaning solution to the surface, then use a special fiber brush to remove any type of dust or dirt.

The cleaning solution does not include alcohol or any hazardous chemicals that can damage your vinyl records. This device not only eliminates the entire amount of dirt but also ensures the long work of your recordings with higher and better sound quality. The kit includes a clear and understandable operating instruction, as well as a full 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

All these factors Protector Collector can call it an excellent vinyl accessory, at the same time at a very affordable, low price.

The Collector Protector kit includes a comfortable and quality antistatic brush made of high-quality fiber, as well as a special bottle with a quality filter for cleaning fluid. The entire set is produced in a high quality, in order to ensure that you can save your best recordings in excellent condition.

It is worth knowing that when cleaning vinyl records, before the cleaning process itself, if there is a huge amount of dirt on the plate, cleaning can damage your vinyl and lower the quality of the sound itself. If your entries are clean, cleaning will increase the quality of your plates and increase the quality of your player.


  • Anti-static brush made of high-quality fiber.
  • Safe cleaning solution.
  • Self-cleaning brushes.
  • 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Supports high-quality sound of your recordings.
  • Affordable price.


  • Brush made of high-quality fiber.

#7 Record Cleaning Velvet Brush is the best tool for a little money

Record Cleaning Velvet Brush is the best tool for a little money
Supplied with 10 ml of special cleaning fluid, which ensures a clean level of purity and, as the recording rotates, it provides a reduction of static charge!

Record Cleaning Velvet Brush quickly, efficiently and safely removes all dust and dirt from the surface, without a scratch, saves your music properly, restoring the quality of your favorite musical compositions.

The liquid washer gets into the depth of the recording slots to eliminate even micro small particles of dust! This high-quality Receiver Cleaner is a must-have device for any professional music user!

Contains a stylus brush, for soft, quick and effective cleaning and improved sound quality.

Record Cleaning Velvet Brush is a great and practical gift for any audiophile! The manufacturer provides 2 years warranty, so most customers are satisfied with the purchase and from the parameters, functionality, and capabilities provided to them.


  • It is one of the best cleaning systems that provides a great deal of user attraction.
  • Multi-functionality and power.
  • Contains a thorough cleaning, which allows you to return your vinyl to the level of quality you expect.
  • The drying cycle is quite effective, after which no additional manual drying is required.


  • Low-quality dust cover.
  • One side cleaning.
  • Sometimes manual cleaning is required.

Record Cleaning Machines

#8 Record Doctor V – Significant Sound Improvements

Record Doctor V - The Best Functional Tool
Record Doctor V is a powerful manual cleaning tool that contains a powerful vacuum that is put here to improve the sound quality and increase the life of vinyl at a low price.

Record Doctor V contains a vacuum engine, a special replacement with velvet equipment, a spindle, the main purpose of which is to rotate the recording, an acrylic disk filled with a special soft capture, as well as a convenient, comfortable storage tank for rapid removal dirt and garbage.

Record Doctor V has its own 4-ounce liquid to which a special bottle and a brush containing two different applicators are added in the kit. One applicator – with foam polyurethane for effective cleaning and another applicator contains a soft brush. The best vinyl record cleaner removes dirt and dust from vinyl quickly.


  • Very quickly the system performs a complete cleaning of the vinyl record for a few full turns.
  • The kit comes with a liquid and other necessary cleaning elements.
  • The clamping area completely and completely covers the label area.


  • The one-way cleaning process, so you will need to flip the plate to the other side.
  • Not fully automated system, since you will be forced to perform a certain part of the work.
  • Does not allow you to use any size of vinyl.

#9 Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner – The Best Functional Tool

It’s one of the record cleaning machines that is rather flexible to fit the majority of 6-liter cleaners. Besides, it boasts a built-in singles adapter. One can also buy additional adapters to clean several records simultaneously.

A small USB adapter and cable are can be found in the package to connect the unit to a standard electrical outlet. A special magnet mounting system makes the loading easy.

No need to worry about labels getting wet in this ultrasonic machine. They will be fine due to the cavitation effect and slow rotation. The record cleaning solution is made of distilled water and a mild surfactant; it doesn’t contain alcohol that is harmful to the vinyl.

This model really does its job and makes every record sound better. No ambient noise is audible even at very high volume on a high-quality stereo amp with the most powerful speakers.

However, it should be mentioned that some clicks and pops are noticeable while listening to very old records. That is not the unit’s issue because even the best record cleaning machine can’t remove such defects for the full 100% from too old LP’s.

Note that the machine is used along with an ultrasonic cleaning tank that is not in the box, but one should buy it separately.


  • Sturdy construction, not flimsy at all.
  • The LPs load vertically that is very convenient.
  • Neat and safe cleaning.
  • Decreases surface noise.
  • Enhances the instrument separation.
  • Improves the records’ imaging.


  • Ultrasonic cleaning tank isn’t in the box.
  • No upgrade to clean 12-24 LPs at a time.

Record Cleaning Fluids

#10 Lasermedia VNC-8 – Easy to Use, No Harmful Chemicals Are Included

Lasermedia VNC-8

Even the best vinyl record cleaner cannot dispense with such a high-quality fluid as Lasermedia VNC-8 to provide safe cleaning for both new and older albums. The product is designed as a spray bottle to provide rational use, to ensure the right amount of fluid and its even distribution throughout the surface.

Besides, it contains nonionic surfactants that lack electrical charge. It reduces the static on the record but doesn’t remove it completely because this fluid is not actually an anti-static product.

The fluid can be used in hard water (the surfactants doesn’t react with it) and it doesn’t produce too much foam.

All the fluid’s properties mentioned above allow not only accumulating dirt and other contaminants but also lifting them carefully to protect the LPs’ surface from damages. Note that if the vinyl’s grooves are already damaged no fluid is able to restore them.

It is much more economical than a small bottle for regular cleaning – it’s enough to clean near 2 000 records. To make the fluid work, one can use both microfiber brush and cloth. It’s important to move them in the direction of the grooves, escape labels, and then let the album dry before playing.


  • Perfect to clean by hand.
  • Vinyl looks very black again.
  • The LPs are far less likely to attract dust.
  • Leaves no streaking.
  • Deep cleaning.


  • The process could be less time-consuming.
  • A bit pricey.

#11 LAST Factory Record Preservative – Improves Replay and Enhances LP’s Life

LAST Factory Record Preservative
This fluid is created to prevent the record wear and it’s one of the safest methods of cleaning. The kit includes a pair of 2-oz bottles – the first bottle is a record preservative and the second one is a cleaner.

Once the album is cleaned and preservative is applied, even high frequencies sound clearer and dirt noise vanishes.

Just fill a container with distilled water, add a few drops of blue unscented dawn, and let the applicators soak in that for a while. By the way, they’re very easy to clean.

This fluid fits both new and older LPs (since the early ’80’s) and it’s able to evaporate after 4-5 circular wipes that is an advantage since it’s necessary to get the LP back into its sleeve. It makes vinyl much more resistant to the damage that can be done by a stylus.


  • The liquid is colorless and odorless.
  • Instructions are simple to follow.
  • Four applicators are in the box.
  • Prevents LPs’ wear.
  • The treatment won’t cause the dirt to stick to the LP.


  • Takes practice to utilize the fluid efficiently.
  • Doesn’t work with vintage LPs..

Record Cleaning Sleeves

#12 Mobile Fidelity – Record Inner Sleeves – The Best Way to Quickly Clean

Mobile Fidelity - Record Inner Sleeves - The Best Way to Quickly Clean
Contains three-layer, anti-static, modern and premium cleaning technology. The kit includes special straps for greater ease of use. The fairly low price makes it popular and attractive among a large number of users.

Provides high protection for all your valuable records and allows you to store your valuable collection of clean, dust-free and dust-free, high-quality sound without any unnecessary noise. Provides a high level of cleaning from static moments and various contaminants.


  • Low price.
  • Power.
  • Easy to use.
  • Required for basic functionality.


  • Some materials are of poor quality.
  • Does not provide a thorough, detailed cleaning.

Buyers Guide

We answered to more frequent questions that are posed by potential buyers when choosing, such as:

So let’s go!

How to clean vinyl records?

There are 2 basic cleaning methods, for your use

  • Dry cleaning. Dry cleaning provides the use of a record brush, usually made of carbon fiber, the main purpose of which is to remove dust from the recording surface.
  • Damp cleaning. By means of damp cleaning, which is also known as deep cleaning, you use a special cleaning liquid to clean the dust to quickly remove dust and dirt.

The easiest way to clean your vinyl and maintain good sound quality is to drain a special recording brush before and after each play, to prevent dust and dirt from accumulation.

By using a special anti-static brush regularly, you will be provided with reliable and high-quality work of your recordings for a long time.

Most anti static brushes have two rows of brushes, whose purpose is to remove dust and other dirt. Easily hold the brush on the recording surface when it is twisting, to remove dust. After a full one or two turns, slowly pull out the brush from the recording. Also, you should rub the brush after each cleaning.

Wet cleaning is recommended periodically to quickly clear your records. Wet cleaning is carried out either manually by you, or with a special machine for cleaning the record, however, before the very wet cleaning, it is worth removing dust particles with a record brush.

There are a lot of cleaning machines on the market that quickly and efficiently perform the whole process of cleaning and provide excellent results that are expressed in high-quality sound. Such cleaning machines consist of a cleaning brush, a liquid special cleaning solution and a smaller brush to clean a certain area.

There is also a cheap method for cleaning your records. It helps to remove fingerprints that a dry brush cannot eliminate.

You may need:

  • distilled water;
  • 90-99% isopropyl alcohol;
  • a pair of microfiber napkins without a fluff.

Mix 1/4 of isopropyl alcohol and 3/4 of distilled water, add all these ingredients to the bottle and shake well.

This allows the cleansing solution to deeply penetrate into the recording grooves and remove all dirt and dust.

Put your record on the microfiber. Spill the resulting solution onto the record, however, the solution should not get on the label. Wait a few seconds until the liquid gets into the grooves.
After that, you need to take a microfiber napkin and wipe your turntable record several times. For more effect, repeat the wipe in the other direction.

Turn your record and wipe it again. The cleaning process is complete. All dirt should be removed.

If you own a large collection of records, the most suitable option for deep and thorough cleaning is the purchase of a special vinyl record vacuum automatic machine for deep cleaning. Such machines are expensive, but they carry out the entire cleaning process very quickly, efficiently and carefully. All work is done automatically, the machine uses a special cleaning solution, quickly removing dirt and providing the user with high-quality clean sound.

What to Avoid

When cleaning, it is not necessary to use vinegar or any other home remedy to clean your records, as they are not suitable for high-quality cleaning and in most cases, they damage your records and reduce the sound quality. The only exception that can be used is a wood glue that effectively removes dust and dirt.

Remove dust and dirt with a brush before wiping it with a microfiber cloth, otherwise, you can smudge the entire amount of dirt throughout the recording.

General Tips

  • Clean your favorite vinyl records, whether old or new before and after they are played.
  • Carefully process the recordings with clean, dry fingers, so as not to put dirt on vinyl.
  • Keep your fingers only the outer edge, rather than the flat surface of the recording, especially at the groove where the audio information is stored.
  • Hold the lid closed while recording the recording so that no dust is accumulated.
  • Keep your favorite sleeve vinyl records when you do not use them to prevent dust and dirt from being stored.
  • Use only clean sleeves to avoid dust accumulation.
  • Do not use household chemicals when cleaning records because they contain a harmful chemical reaction that damages vinyl.
  • Do not use absolutely any fabric to dry your records, as any fabric can. leave scratches. Use a special microfiber for vinyl cleaning.
  • Keep the stylus tip clean.
  • Choose rugs made of leather, rubber, or carbon fiber, as these materials have special antistatic properties.

Can you use alcohol to clean vinyl records?

Never perform a cleaning process with materials such as:

  • Alcohol
  • Flammable liquid
  • Materials for polishing furniture
  • Toothpaste
  • Steel wool


The process of cleaning the vinyl record only using the brush may not give the desired effect, the recording may still remain dirty and even damage it, which may impair the sound quality. So, as a conclusion, if you do not want your record to be damaged, and you need it and you have a long-term clearance for your vinyl record system, then you must make the selection and purchase of the cleaning system. The best vinyl record cleaning kit ensures minimization of your vinyl composition.

You just have to choose the most optimal and best way to clean the records that would fully fit your needs and desires in order to make cleaning work perfect.

Vinyl Vac 33 - The Best Overall Vinyl Record Vacuum WandVinyl Vac 33 – The Best Overall Vinyl Record Vacuum Wand. Vinyl Vac 33 quickly and does the same thing as expensive and premium machines, but the price of this tool is extremely low. Vinyl Vac 33 will quickly and efficiently remove all volumes of vinyl grooves. To do this, just apply a special cleaning solution, and then start using Vinyl Vac 33 to remove all dirt for high-quality sound without any noise. The soft velvet is located around the entrance to protect the vinyl during your work and take the entire volume. dirt from the grooves. Contains a pair of replacement pads, a special ring, the purpose of which is to create a dense match between your vacuum hose and vinyl vacuum. Also, the kit includes two gearboxes, which provide precise adjustment of the intensity of the work to eliminate dirt.